Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What happened?!

We're very sorry if things haven't been progressing as of late. And yes, you guessed it, College. Winter break is almost up. Finals is coming nearer and nobody has time to even talk to each other. Timezones makes a huge effect and people having Thesis or Term papers to submit. In short, busy~

Archeia and Renasci has been fixing another issue too. We won't be elaborate, but that ate most of our time. But during one of the few moments we worked on BBI, we DID find a way to make the code cleaner. The only problem with this is that we have to redo what we have done. We also remembered that by default, the engine had text skipping, but it was disabled in this script we're using. We're currently trying to fix this issue. Mostly because the Alphonse cursor won't stay on the end of each message. We'll post a poll later to ask which one people prefer.

We will now leave off some art:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Status Update ~III~

The engine right now is going a major overhaul. Nothing that time consuming, but it's not going to take that long. The change is mostly to make the code cleaner and faster! This is also to avoid bugs suddenly appearing, as seen in the BBI second demo by the testers.

So far, we're thinking of what to do to make the map exploration to stop lagging. But here's some important survery that we want to ask people. We will really appreciate it if you guys take the time to answer them~ It will affect the entire project :)

1.) Do you guys prefer keyboard controls or mouse controls?

  • Pros for Keyboard:
    • It's faster and easier to code.
    • It's also prone to less bugs.
  • Cons for Keyboard:
    • It won't be true to the original source engine.
    • It doesn't feel novelly for some people (but compare it to Disgaea and the rest, I think it's fine~)
2.) Do you guys want the literal English translation and a patch for the original BBI engine?

  • Pros:
    • In case for some reason, you guys hate our rewrite.
    • You like Out of Character fanfictions
    • You don't mind ellipses overload (or we can remove them).
    • You like a very docile Edward.
    • You like the fact Edward becomes Envy's XXX doll.
    • You like the fact that Ed and Roy are tsundere for each other in a very obvious way.
    • Refer to #2 again.
  • Cons:
    • It will be a while because the engine is a mess.
    • If you hate everything from Pros except #1
3.) The Release Date.
  • Please check the Poll to vote~
  • Pros 
    • for December 25:
      •'s out faster. And I guess, best Christmas Present ever?
    • for February 3:
      • It's Edward Elric's Birthday~
    • for Oct. 3:
      • It's most likely complete, maybe, and that it's Don't Forget day~
  • Cons 
    • for December 25
      • It's going to be a demo.
    • for February 3
      • Probably not a full game still
    • for Oct. 3
      • It's way offs the calendar.
Thank you for reading.