Thursday, November 3, 2011

Status Update ~III~

The engine right now is going a major overhaul. Nothing that time consuming, but it's not going to take that long. The change is mostly to make the code cleaner and faster! This is also to avoid bugs suddenly appearing, as seen in the BBI second demo by the testers.

So far, we're thinking of what to do to make the map exploration to stop lagging. But here's some important survery that we want to ask people. We will really appreciate it if you guys take the time to answer them~ It will affect the entire project :)

1.) Do you guys prefer keyboard controls or mouse controls?

  • Pros for Keyboard:
    • It's faster and easier to code.
    • It's also prone to less bugs.
  • Cons for Keyboard:
    • It won't be true to the original source engine.
    • It doesn't feel novelly for some people (but compare it to Disgaea and the rest, I think it's fine~)
2.) Do you guys want the literal English translation and a patch for the original BBI engine?

  • Pros:
    • In case for some reason, you guys hate our rewrite.
    • You like Out of Character fanfictions
    • You don't mind ellipses overload (or we can remove them).
    • You like a very docile Edward.
    • You like the fact Edward becomes Envy's XXX doll.
    • You like the fact that Ed and Roy are tsundere for each other in a very obvious way.
    • Refer to #2 again.
  • Cons:
    • It will be a while because the engine is a mess.
    • If you hate everything from Pros except #1
3.) The Release Date.
  • Please check the Poll to vote~
  • Pros 
    • for December 25:
      •'s out faster. And I guess, best Christmas Present ever?
    • for February 3:
      • It's Edward Elric's Birthday~
    • for Oct. 3:
      • It's most likely complete, maybe, and that it's Don't Forget day~
  • Cons 
    • for December 25
      • It's going to be a demo.
    • for February 3
      • Probably not a full game still
    • for Oct. 3
      • It's way offs the calendar.
Thank you for reading.


  1. 1.) Do you guys prefer keyboard controls or mouse controls?

    As I've played the game a million and a half times(albeit with only a basic idea of what was going on xD) I would feel more comfortable with mouse controls. I've also played a lot of PC games and I liked that gimmick. However, I've also played a lot of emulator games and as long as I can adjust what buttons do what I am completely fine with keyboard controls. In fact, they're probably just as fun ^_^

    2.) Do you guys want the literal English translation and a patch for the original BBI engine?

    *does not care* -shot- I mean, I think I'd prefer your rewrites. If they are anything like that example you guys posted forever and a day ago, I'm sure they're much more entertaining.

    3.) The Release Date.

    To be honest, I'm just stoked you guys are doing this. I was just about done searching for anything like this months ago and then I just started checking for god knows what reason to see if something had happened, and lo and behold some incarnate of awesomeness was making a patch. I've waited years for this thing. I'm sure I could sit tight for a while longer for it. If you want to do a Demo, just release one when you're ready. ^_^ I'm sure you'll have more fan girl/guy squeals erupting around the world than you might think.

    If I had to pick a date... Ed's B-day sounds awesome, but a Christmas present would be even better ^_^

  2. I'd just like to say that I am very, very happy that this game is finally getting an English patch. I have been waiting for one ever since I first heard of this game way back when. But I was wondering about a few tghings. Y'all mention that y'all've rewritten some of the dialogue and a few other things that y'all've tinkered with. I was wondering if y'all could either further elaborate on these things or point me in the direction of where they've been elaborated?

  3. I guess the team won't mind if I post a small sample. This is from Day 4's morning scenario.
    (P.s. This will only last for 1 month)

    The other thing we've tinkered a lot is the Battle System. None of us liked it (I think except...1) and we thought it was incredibly random and lucked based. There was really no "strategy" except saving up your healing cards and bombard the enemy with Defense Cards and Attack Cards and hope he/she will stop healing and die.

    The other one is the menu. But really that one is really minor. The only thing we changed there is, instead of "This menu does this, click anywhere to go back." It doesn't fit the box so we just changed it to "Click anywhere to close the window or to go back."

    Something like that.

    @Misfit, aww thanks for reading and taking time to answer! We really appreciate this :D

  4. Well, now that you've given me a taste of the rewrite:

    1. I'd prefer mouse, but I'm fine either way, really.

    2. I don't mind waiting a while for an additional patch. I'd like to read both.

    And what do you mean by "You like the fact Edward becomes Envy's XXX doll"? I don't recall that happening in the game.

    3. The Christmas demo would be nice.

  5. the other decisions I really don't care about but the release date I would prefer october just because it would give you guys enough to to make the game right so everyone can enjoy it.

  6. @GVMan, for #2 it is something heavily implied by "Envy's entire route"

    @Rose thank you for the feedback! I'm sure the team would be happy to see that~