The Main Cast

Project Leader, Translator, Editor, X-Programmer
Renasci is the person that made Archeia to finish what she started. 
She helps Archeia figure out roadblocks just in case she can't or doesn't have the time to do so.  She also makes Archeia work hard and if there's no progress, many blood will be shed.

Co-Project Leader, Image Editor, Co-Script Editor, Translator, Programmer
Archeia doesn't really like leaving stuff to other people. So she does everything else but she has a severe case of ADD...That's why Renasci and Mikel had to kick her ass and make her work back on BBI. She helps with everyone on their roles...the faster this gets done the faster she can work on her own FMA fangame with Bluebird's Circle.

 Script Editor, Localisation, Image Editor, Sound Effect Provider, Voice Actor, Translator, artist
Due to similar interests, Archeia approached him (without knowing) and the two began to work on the translations like crazy. He's one of the people that wants to break the curse of BBI...the curse of never getting translated despite many attempts. He works as head of script editing and localisation using his extreme fanboyism to work out the characters. 

Editor, Localisation, Voice Actor
Colors is our dedicated editor that is really helpful and nice. She's currently working on fixing our scripts and provide nice feedback over our writing~

Editor, Part-Time Translator, Advertiser, Voice Actor 
Shortest Member of the Staff (and he doesn't like being 150 centimeters). Archeia met him on the side of the road one day, and decided that she could use him as a personal slave for the BBI project. He works endless hours advertising online and does a crappy job of it! We're thinking of getting some thumb screws to torture him into doing better. So donate to our paypal! It's going to a good cause!

Special Thanks

Faith originally helped Bluebird's Circle out on translations, she made rough translations on the first 4 days and cut the workload we had to do by half at least! We're very thankful for her contributions! Unfortunately she's a very busy person and we're still glad to have had her in the team though!

shr0ud helped a lot in translating the day 4 of the script, as much as he could. While it wasn't much in his eyes, we really appreciate the hard work and effort he placed in it, despite being incredibly busy.

Bluebird's Illusion Staff
~King Jin-Jin~
~Big Dipper~
OP/ED theme  
(Note: ChrisFox is the singer)

Special Thanks

A translation group that officially started the Bluebird's Illusion translation project. Due to her spike up on morality and other things, she decided to drop the project. It wasn't until later that Archeia asked her to pass the project to her. Dejavu made Archeia's editing life easier as she finished all the focal images, such as the maps, logo and so on and so forth. Because of that we're very thankful and hope that she is doing well!