Wednesday, December 20, 2017

BBI: R is still alive!

Hello dear followers and visitors!

We have a new website that you can visit here!

We apologize for the super lack of updates. We've been so busy we haven't been able to work on BBI. But now we do! We also have a few things to say:

As for the development itself:
  • We are working with a our new and stable game engine for this. So far it's going really well. We were able to add a lot of missing functions from the original game. Here's a list:
    • Basic VN functions such as save/load everywhere, log function (press middle mouse to enter, right click to cancel) and so on.
    • 720p, 16:9 display instead of 4:3 ratio. Meaning it's great for widescreen monitors!
    • Animation functions
    • Music layering and so on!
  • Goatjesus has been proofreading and rewriting parts of the script to be more cohesive and interesting. He also did the grunt work to optimize all assets to avoid performance issues. Great work as always!
We'd love to update more in the future but thank you for following the development of Bluebird's Illusion!

~Team Autumn Bird

1 comment:

  1. I found BBI like... YEARS ago when I was in high school/university... out of a random chat with a friend I realized- hey I remember there was this amazing doujin game for FMA... and did a quick search... and found this... and I can't be more surprised/happy/shocked to see a group still working on it :D

    GO GUYS GO! GOOD LUCK!!! I'll check randomly to see for updates :D Good luck team!