Thursday, October 27, 2011

Status Update ~II~

Sent a demo to two six people for feedback on the game's presentation before proceeding to big things (and finding some bugs). Some stuff were fixed and all that. One of the things we noticed:

a.) font must be installed, but I will fix this so that you won't have to.
b.) video card (OPENGL) must be updated. Your codecs must be updated. Or else, the movie file won't play at all. This mostly happens at Windows XP. So install the latest K-lite codec now!

We still can't work on it fully, Faith is sick and unable to send us the script files. Archeia is still flooded with work. BBCircle can't work without Faith and Renasci is contemplating whether to retranslate them.

Sorry for the long wait~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Status Update

We're very sorry for not updating much! This is because this week and next week are the midterm exams for two of our important members, Bluebird's Circle and Archeia. We'll be back on track once that is over! Sorry for the wait!

~Ren Ren

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress~Progress~ VIII-2

Hello again! Bluebird's Circle here! Okay... Hear me out on this report. Okay? It's sorta' long and sorta' depressing--but you'll rejoice anyway.

So today consisted of me (having had only three hours of sleep) waking up at 7 AM to work on rewriting the terrible rough translations of Day 4 nonstop until I was finished at 8 PM...

OH MY GOD! I've never been more miserable in my entire life... I didn't have a single thing to eat, a single glass of water, or even a little nap on my carousel of self imposed (well...almost self imposed. Archeia and Renasci whipped me a few times to make sure I was still going...) AGONY! And it was all for you guys! *cries*

I hope everyone will appreciate my sacrifice of a whole day in my meek and shorter than Edward life.

Here is an image of me RIGHT NOW with ripped up edits that didn't make the cut to my left:

Anyway, there is some joy to come out of my sorrow and woe. And that's the fact the DEMO WILL COME ANY TIME NOW!!! YOU HEARD ME!! 4 out of the 8 DAYS PEOPLE!

*plays chorus of angels*

It's been a tough journey. The halfway checkpoint is so near. I hope you all enjoy the demo when it comes out. And remember me after I am eventually murdered by Renasci.

I'd like to thank the rest of the team! You guys are amazing people. We will get this done together! And of course, I thank whoever's reading this post. You guys pushed me too!

...I'm going to go drink some water now...

Progress~Progress~ VIII

For now we are sorting out Day 3 and Day 4. Apparently, Bluebird's Circle missed some event(s) so we ended up rewriting them with the other events added in.

As for another news, Bluebird's Illusion can be played in MAC but it won't be something direct...Instead, it’s a fairly inexpensive way to play Bluebird's Illusion on your Mac. Using a free program called Virtual Box ( you can run Windows in a window on your mac.

You’ll still need a copy of Windows  and it takes maybe half an hour to get everything set up (including installing windows). Another alternative is a paid program which you may have heard of called, Parallels.

We’d love to hear how this worked for you, once the demo is released! We're still working very hard!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

- A little off note

I was looking over TVTropes BBI page earlier and saw this:

"In the Roy ending, Alphonse dies and Edward is heartbroken; but life goes on, Roy becomes Fuhrer while Ed ends up as a General and they even start dating."

I'd have you guys know that this is totally false and whoever wrote that, well, let's just say the entire team wants to murder that person. They never DATED, ok? Maybe a scene in the novel can be intepreted as that but this is totally false. It ends after Ed gets over crying. Jeebuz.

This game isn't yaoi but it does has short fluffy shounen-ai-ish elements that shouldn't be that disturbing, except I guess if you went with the DIRECT creepy, pride!ed (bad) ending. Sorry to disappoint a lot of fans but it just isn't!

Progress~Progress~ VII

TLDR; Archeia is sick and unable to work. Renasci is doing the rest of the work. BBCircle is writing

Monday, October 10, 2011


First off, a Translator - Someone that can understand Chinese/Taiwanese Slang. This is just for the developer diaries. There is no need to be worried about translating hordes of scripts. They're just a few images~

We would like at least 2 Beta testers with low PC specs. Aka, your laptop/computer isn't upto date and autodated (WinXP OS is a-ok). This is for us to test if the game is too laggy for some people. If you're interested. Please leave a comment over here and tell us your PC OS, RAM, processor etc. and we'll select from there.

Thank you~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Progress~Progress~ V

This is how I feel right now when things aren't going my way.


CG is now fully functional~

Progress-wise, day 4 is under construction. Day 3 is rewritten. 
Demo is almost near if only these stupid menus work properly.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Progress~Progress~ IV

Renasci reports:

Oh my, what is this~?
I was working on an installer for BBI and it works nicely well. So far the game is clocking around 180 mb. We'll see how it will look once we cut it down...sometime...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Progress~ Progress~ III

The current status of the BBI:Re team.
Because it's literally impossible for us to contact the translators... The already overworked people of the team went ahead and trudged through the blazing inferno and fought over a series of epic trials and tribulations and facing the final evil overlord of the year, just to translate the remaining 2 days that were required for the demo.
We also translated and made the opening song singable in English for you guys. the day before.

Bluebird's Circle still has to rewrite them and colors still has to edit them and Archeia still needs to whip them to make sure she's satisfied with the outcome before she try to program it in. Overall, we're exhausted and we'll keep working hard as much as we can.

It might not be possible for us to release it by October 7 because of this...unexpected draw back. Let's just say that we'll elaborate the happenings more in the developer diaries than just rant about it in the blog. We're very sorry everyone! We're apparently really horrible with release dates! We'll just keep quiet for now and see how it goes. Everyone's getting sick because of the climate change and we need to be in full health. Thank you for bearing with us!

If you guys want an indepth  progress, just check the progress log!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Progress~ Progress~ II

Okay, update for the day! If you ever check out the Progress Log, you can see some developer notes there sometimes on how we spent the day and what we achieved and all that stuff. So go check it out :D

And now, have some screenshots~
You can now skip a scene completely or just far forward.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy FMA Day~

Since today is a special day, we wanted to do something ~special~
And 21 votes say a video. 
So a video it is!

Unfortunately, Archeia is really sick and was unable to show more stuff (and her laptop crashing randomly or losing batteries). We also took some time trying to figure out how to apply subtitles made from Aegissub (wanted to make it animated but it was taking too long) and converting mkv to either avi, wmv or mpeg (and thank goodness we succeeded). So after many blood, sweat and,'s a new vid that shows off other visual effects, and hopefully, better grammar and spelling. We cut off the scenes and added a new one. Just to tease :D

Of course,'s Project Don't forget :D

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Release Date Moved: October 7, 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm afraid we'll have to move the release date for the demo to October 7. For those who are rather curious to what is going on:

  • Translator problems. Everyone is busy apparently and some got grounded, some just aren't that interested and those who are already busy with rewriting and programming had to translate it with measly Chinese knowledge and friends and connections.
  • College is in the way. Archeia and BluebirdsCircle are main victims to this. Set aside from scarce free time, they spend their time rewriting the plot, programming, editing images for the new engine and finally, topped with translation work. Studying time takes priority. We don't want them to fail, don't we~
  • We want to include Day 4 no matter what. Just Day 3 isn't going to cut it. We want this demo to be halfway through the game! At least the next time we release, it'll be the last 4 days of the game. Go! Go!
  • Renasci's complicated trips to the hospital. Don't even ask~
Thank you for understanding! Please be patient with us and wait warmly~