Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress~Progress~ VIII-2

Hello again! Bluebird's Circle here! Okay... Hear me out on this report. Okay? It's sorta' long and sorta' depressing--but you'll rejoice anyway.

So today consisted of me (having had only three hours of sleep) waking up at 7 AM to work on rewriting the terrible rough translations of Day 4 nonstop until I was finished at 8 PM...

OH MY GOD! I've never been more miserable in my entire life... I didn't have a single thing to eat, a single glass of water, or even a little nap on my carousel of self imposed (well...almost self imposed. Archeia and Renasci whipped me a few times to make sure I was still going...) AGONY! And it was all for you guys! *cries*

I hope everyone will appreciate my sacrifice of a whole day in my meek and shorter than Edward life.

Here is an image of me RIGHT NOW with ripped up edits that didn't make the cut to my left:

Anyway, there is some joy to come out of my sorrow and woe. And that's the fact the DEMO WILL COME ANY TIME NOW!!! YOU HEARD ME!! 4 out of the 8 DAYS PEOPLE!

*plays chorus of angels*

It's been a tough journey. The halfway checkpoint is so near. I hope you all enjoy the demo when it comes out. And remember me after I am eventually murdered by Renasci.

I'd like to thank the rest of the team! You guys are amazing people. We will get this done together! And of course, I thank whoever's reading this post. You guys pushed me too!

...I'm going to go drink some water now...

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