Thursday, October 13, 2011

- A little off note

I was looking over TVTropes BBI page earlier and saw this:

"In the Roy ending, Alphonse dies and Edward is heartbroken; but life goes on, Roy becomes Fuhrer while Ed ends up as a General and they even start dating."

I'd have you guys know that this is totally false and whoever wrote that, well, let's just say the entire team wants to murder that person. They never DATED, ok? Maybe a scene in the novel can be intepreted as that but this is totally false. It ends after Ed gets over crying. Jeebuz.

This game isn't yaoi but it does has short fluffy shounen-ai-ish elements that shouldn't be that disturbing, except I guess if you went with the DIRECT creepy, pride!ed (bad) ending. Sorry to disappoint a lot of fans but it just isn't!

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