Progress Report

===== (82%) =====
We can do this!

Day Scripts Translated
Day One (100%)
Day Two (100%)
Day Three (100.1%)
Day Four (100%)
Day Five (100%)
Day Six (100%)
Day Seven
 - Alphonse (100%)
 - Roy (100%)
 - Bradley (100%)
- Alone (100%)
Day Eight (100%)
The Search (100%)
Pride Ending (100%)
Tea Alchemist Ending (100%)
Veggie Ed Ending (100%)
Roy Ending (100%)
NG (3%) 

Day Scripts Edited
Day One (100%)
Day Two (0%)
Day Three (0%)
Day Four (0%)
Day Five (0%)
Day Six (0%)
Day Seven
 - Alphonse (0%)
 - Roy (0%)
 - Bradley (0%)
 - Alone (0%)
Day Eight (0%)
The Search (0%)
Pride Ending (0%)
Tea Alchemist Ending (0%)
Veggie Ed Ending (0%)
Roy Ending (0%)
NG (3%) 
The number of lines is undetermineable right now because Ocean-X loves to copy paste the same scenes over and over on multiple days.

Image List (95% )
Edward (Remastered)
Alphonse (Remastered)
Roy Mustang (Remastered)
Envy (Remastered)
King Bradley (Remastered)
Mustang Group (Remastered)
NPCs (Remastered)
Headquarters (100%)
Edward and Alphonse's House (100%)
Outside (100%)
Monologues (100%)
Game Menus (100%)
Developer Diaries (15%) *Taiwanese Slang, need someone that can understand them =3=*

Map Exploration (80%) *Home and Central Maps are still missing*
Battle System (5%) *Doesn't appear till Holiday =3=*

CG Menu (80%) *2 more pages missing, otherwise almost done*

OST Player (0%) *Too lazy lol*
NG (0%) *Will have to translate the talks* *Last Priority*

Developer Diaries (0%) *Last Priority*
Title Screen including the New Game+ (100%)


- Finished translating
- Finalizing HD remastered sprites
- Working on new engine

- Map Exploration is implemented~
- Battle System currently under construction

- CG Gallery is functional
"What the flying f*ck?! Since when did making a CG Gallery this HARD? SERIOUSLY? GOOD GRIEF. I have never been so frustrated, this is worse than making a battle system! I mean seriously, what the hell??????"
- Title Screen is now scripted properly~
- Day 3 script is rewritten~
- Added a download page with system requirement information...and just to tease you guys >8D

- Reprogramming the systems. They need some fixing.

- Finally finished translating Day 3. Currently being rewritten.
- Finally finished translating Day 4. Currently being rewritten.
- Remastering the opening images.

"To my deepest regret that we haven't done this earlier. In the end, Renasci and I are very frustrated that we didn't translate the scripts ourselves because we finished 2 script days in 1 day. Most of the BBI game files are just rewrites from previous days, making it seem longer than it should be. My wrists hurt and I'm tired. But I hope that we can make it by the demo date or at least by the weekends to commemmorate FMA week."

"It makes me think in the end, if we even needed translators in the first place. The translators are unreachable and we still did the bulk of the work (BBCircle, Archeia and I) when it comes to the translation. It might as well be called as a 4 man team (together with the editor colors)."


"Okay. It’s five o’clock in the morning…and we just finished the English lyrics for moments. Archeia was a slave driver, whipping every lyric, every syllable until it was to her satisfaction. I’ve never been more bloody and broken. Suddenly, translating the script looks like a piece of cake. >,< Shit my mom is gonna kill me for staying up too late. It was well worth it in the end. YOU BETTER DAMN SING ALONG TO THOSE LYRICS! I had to log back on every 2 minutes because of security!! "

"There was no school today. I am sick and feverish. But somehow, I'm working on Bluebird's Illusion Rebuild. Then we got into the talk about moments and the opening movie lyrics and how to put pretty karaoke effects. We don't like the direct translation too well and decided to do it. Funny enough, We spent around 8 hours talking about it and I ended up slamming every single modification BBCircle throws at me. Every whip and slap was satisfying and finally, we have finished this...this masterpiece. Revenge has never been so sweet."

- Happy FMA Day Everyone!
- CTRL Skip events implemented.
- Finished setting up map graphics
- Special Characters now working properly~!
- Uploaded some vid.
- Implemented Persistent Data finally.

- Day 2 is done!
- Day 1 and 2 sound effects remastered~
- Day 1 and Day 2 Finalized
- Finished Remastering Sprites

- Finished at least five 100% progresses yeahhhhh~
- Released remastered teaser video.

- Programmed Edward's faces. Very rough code.
- Mouse Problems finally fixed.

- Remastering of the game
- Archeia finished the Engine base.

- Mikel and Archeia finished Day 1's script.
- Edward's Sprites had been remastered. A lot of sprites are still under remastering.
- Mikel sent Archeia a new batch of Sound Effects. BBI's aren hard to be understood.

- Received Bluebird's Illusion RAW translations and we're doing a complete rewrite.
- Archeia edited some manga pages of the Kier and H20blue's Memories. It's translated by Faith.

- Revived the Project.
- Replaced prologue images, some are still under editing.
- Replaced Titlescreen and NG images
- Replaced the Map
- Replaced Window Toolbars and the like.
- FIXED the text issue, wooo
- Moved to PONscripter and a video would be ready shortly!
- Having script insertion problems. Part where Alphonse calls Edward, "Brother" seems not to work whatever I do but whenever I load another part of the game, the script works well. It's very odd to say the least.
-Finally figured this one out as well. Apparently there's a variable called brothers#here, that's why the script has been bugging out on me. So I guess the only way to avoid it overall is to add "text here" in every dialogue. I have problems with my nscripter versions, one is that if I use the chinese one, the text will be sticked together regardless if I had it even spaced. If I use the english version, I get these weird symbols. Will figure it out.
- An array error that I can't seem to figure out.