Tuesday, August 23, 2011

History and a new beginning

This game was used to be translated by a scanlation group called Dejavu, but without any updates, Archeia asked for her files and if she could have the project instead. So she used to translate this game but had to step down due to many obligations. I asked her if she could pass it on to me, she gave me all the tools I will need and the PSD files. The Progress Report shows what I have done for the day, but the screenshots will be over the main blog post.

So far, I'm trying to figure out how to translate the toolbar but the maps should now be all replaced and the like. I still have some images that remain to be translated, but I'll check it out once I finish the basics :)

I finally figured this out. The only problem remaining is the script insertion, for some reason it works for OTHER parts of the game but in the very beginning, I have an issue where Alphonse is calling Edward, Brother. Weirdness '_')

Finally figured this one out as well. Apparently there's a variable called brothers#here, that's why the script has been bugging out on me. So I guess the only way to avoid it overall is to add "text here" in every dialogue. I have problems with my nscripter versions, one is that if I use the chinese one, the text will be sticked together regardless if I had it even spaced. As seen here:

If I use the english version, I get these weird symbols as seen here:

Well, I'll figure something out. Hopefully it won't take long :)

If there are any chinese speakers out there, please let me know as some of these files I cannot translate! Thank you very much for the interest.

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