Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And a huge leap was made

Well they did say, 7th time is the lucky charm. I would like to thank the academy for---I mean Archeia, for finally fixing our main problem. Apparently, all we needed was the super awesome Notepad++. Internet, you never failed us~

**Archeia: After rechecking my email with star she said that she was using Onscripter-EN and I am glad we actually did the right thing and used it! I almost went with PONscripter hahaha.
**Renasci: Yeah, almost got ourselves off track there!

*minutes later, an onscripter-EN error happened*

**Archeia: You know what? Let's just move to PONscripter. I can't find that damn array error.

**Renasci: Me neither...

**Archeia: There we go, much much better. All I have to do is fix that spacing and change the font to something presentable.
**Renasci: Good job! Now all we have to do is find a translator...
**Archeia: ...Snap. I'll have to ask midnight banshee's translations or wait for that fandub.

Now that the text problem is fixed, full steam ahead!

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