Tuesday, August 30, 2011


=comparison between the original JPG and our PNG=

Bluebird's Circle here on more updates! So--the team decided we were going to remaster everything from the start. Sound effects, smoothing out the sprite work and replacing the low quality tracks with orchestral ones. Everyone's pitching in to help! Just improving and smoothing. :)


Archeia here, I successfully worked with the engine and the result can be seen below:

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT in the game.
Now it has italics etc. 
Choices are given a cursor instead of changing font text for the sake of readability and accuracy.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

★Scans and Scripts

Archeia managed to talked to Bluebird's Circle's earlier and gave us the RAW and modified version of Day 1-4 scripts. We're currently changing how some things are phrased for the sake of fluency~

Bluebird's Circle, Faith, translated Bluebird's Illusion manga pages a while back. Archeia took the liberty of editing and cleaning them. Here you go~

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I recently contacted the Bluebird's Circle and we are on a collaborative effort to translate the game!
Unfortunately, it'll take a day or two for us to fix the Day 1 - 4 scripts to something comprehensible. But please don't worry, we're working very hard on it!

Archeia on the other hand has been busy with her finals in college. We've been working hard on making the English script work on Nscripter instead of PONscripter or ONScripter-EN due to the lack of the menu bar. It's really taxing and time consuming to do so, but we're doing our best!

That's all of the news for today. Instead enjoy this awesome preview from Bluebird's Circle:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More updates

Bluebird's Circle here! :D Hey guys! I just wanted to say, we've finished the whole script for day one. *hazza!* We'll see what happens!! Most likely, we'll have a demo for you guys soon! ^^ Keep reading for more updates on the patch!

You can ignore Archeia's ranting below but please remember:

We're not giving up on this game and
we'll make sure that it's going to be enjoyable!

With that warning. I'm going on and rant~
I hate to say this but I can see why this game has so many failed translations to English. The script isn't so good. There, I said it!

The game suffers from ellipses overload (ex. Re..........Really......) for almost 95% of the game's script. Almost everyone has ellipses in their sentences every 5-10 of it or some sort. But that wasn't the biggest thing I have against it but rather the one below.

Edward is very unEdward-y, he doesn't react when he's called short, he has SELF-CONTROL which is very unlike him. He's also a complete doormat for some odd reason. I can see him having some self-restraint but not much to this effect.

Example script A:
Fandub: I swore never to put that white, putrid filth in my mouth and I haven't broken that oath since I was seven. I'm not breaking it now. I just don't get how people like that stuff I mean seriously, that stuff's secreted by a cow for hell's sake.

Original: That white stuff that comes out from a cow...how can I drink it?!

And when Al was going to call him short, Edward didn't even try to stop him or react. And when Al cooked food for him that had milk in it, he complained that it has milk and he doesn't want to eat it anymore even though it tastes good.


Even though, Edward greatly dislikes milk, either for its taste, the fact that it is "an opaque, white liquid secreted by a cow" or both. He does, however, greatly enjoy stew and marvels that something comprised mainly of milk can taste so good.

At least Roy Mustang and Alphonse are in character to say the least.

(Ellipses are cut off for the sake of my sanity)

Roy: Speaking of which, this is the first time I've had the opportunity to drink Colonel Elric's tea! But it seems the taste isn't quite enough.
Edward: Well I apologize! I'm not the one who made the tea! It was those people at the other department.
Roy: Is it now? It's not like you could brew such wonderful tea!
Edward: *angry* Re...Really?

I will stop now before I scare people off haha~

Video 1

As promised! :)
Just some things:

1.) The font isn't final. I'm still trying to figure out how to do that one.
2.) Archeia did most of the leg work and didn't sleep at all just to make sure the text is inserted properly. For her first time, this is great! Please praise her for her hard work~
3.) The dialogue is based on Midnight Banshee's (Dejavu had her permission before so we just assumed we're allowed to use it as well since the project was also passed on to us), the Bluebird's Illusion Circle fandub and our own. Proper credits will be given and the like. We'll fix it of course, this is just to demonstrate the...hacking I guess XD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And a huge leap was made

Well they did say, 7th time is the lucky charm. I would like to thank the academy for---I mean Archeia, for finally fixing our main problem. Apparently, all we needed was the super awesome Notepad++. Internet, you never failed us~

**Archeia: After rechecking my email with star she said that she was using Onscripter-EN and I am glad we actually did the right thing and used it! I almost went with PONscripter hahaha.
**Renasci: Yeah, almost got ourselves off track there!

*minutes later, an onscripter-EN error happened*

**Archeia: You know what? Let's just move to PONscripter. I can't find that damn array error.

**Renasci: Me neither...

**Archeia: There we go, much much better. All I have to do is fix that spacing and change the font to something presentable.
**Renasci: Good job! Now all we have to do is find a translator...
**Archeia: ...Snap. I'll have to ask midnight banshee's translations or wait for that fandub.

Now that the text problem is fixed, full steam ahead!

History and a new beginning

This game was used to be translated by a scanlation group called Dejavu, but without any updates, Archeia asked for her files and if she could have the project instead. So she used to translate this game but had to step down due to many obligations. I asked her if she could pass it on to me, she gave me all the tools I will need and the PSD files. The Progress Report shows what I have done for the day, but the screenshots will be over the main blog post.

So far, I'm trying to figure out how to translate the toolbar but the maps should now be all replaced and the like. I still have some images that remain to be translated, but I'll check it out once I finish the basics :)

I finally figured this out. The only problem remaining is the script insertion, for some reason it works for OTHER parts of the game but in the very beginning, I have an issue where Alphonse is calling Edward, Brother. Weirdness '_')

Finally figured this one out as well. Apparently there's a variable called brothers#here, that's why the script has been bugging out on me. So I guess the only way to avoid it overall is to add "text here" in every dialogue. I have problems with my nscripter versions, one is that if I use the chinese one, the text will be sticked together regardless if I had it even spaced. As seen here:

If I use the english version, I get these weird symbols as seen here:

Well, I'll figure something out. Hopefully it won't take long :)

If there are any chinese speakers out there, please let me know as some of these files I cannot translate! Thank you very much for the interest.