Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy FMA Day~

Since today is a special day, we wanted to do something ~special~
And 21 votes say a video. 
So a video it is!

Unfortunately, Archeia is really sick and was unable to show more stuff (and her laptop crashing randomly or losing batteries). We also took some time trying to figure out how to apply subtitles made from Aegissub (wanted to make it animated but it was taking too long) and converting mkv to either avi, wmv or mpeg (and thank goodness we succeeded). So after many blood, sweat and,'s a new vid that shows off other visual effects, and hopefully, better grammar and spelling. We cut off the scenes and added a new one. Just to tease :D

Of course,'s Project Don't forget :D


  1. going to point out some grammatical errors, if you don't mind ;3

    0:02 "storyoutline" should have a space between the words
    3:46 there should be a comma between "sulking" and "Fullmetal"
    3:49 there should be a comma after "on top of that", and instead of the comma after "job" it should be a period with a capitalized "You" afterwards OR a semicolon (;) instead of the period
    3:55 the emphasis on "of course" is kinda weird, maybe on the "you" instead, and the period after "handle it" should be a comma with a lowercase "being"
    3:58 "cause" should have an apostrophe before it, making it " 'cause ", but grammatically it should be just "I grew about a foot!"
    4:00 there should be a period at the end of Roy's sentence =o
    4:04 a comma after "days", and "to" after "going", making it "going to grow"
    4:06 a comma after "know"
    4:20 the first "I'm" in "So what if I'm am?" should be just "I", making it "So what if I am?", and a comma after "with", before "anyway"

    yeeey, progress~

    hmmm, would you be willing to put subtitles on the top with the romanji to accompany the translation on the bottom during the opening sequence? =D

  2. 0:02 = I just noticed it after the video was released don't worry this was fixed. I didn't notice the space key didn't work :|

    3:46 = Fixed~
    3:49 = Fixed~
    3:55 = Fixed
    3:58 = Fixed
    4:00 = Fixed
    4:04 = Fixed
    4:06 = Fixed
    4:20 = Archeia fixed that after betaing don't worry~
    She didn't notice it was in the script.

  3. As for the Romanji, for the moment we have no plans to tinker with the opening theme until the game is done―but we did think about doing that~ :D