Friday, September 23, 2011

Translating Still~

We're still translating Day 3 onward because of the branching points. 
Everyone is busy with Junior/College/Work so we couldn't focus on BBI 100%. 
We're very sorry but we hope that everyone will remain patient!


  1. awww, cute sketch. <3

    if the game was that easy and fast to translate, it wouldn't really be worth playing, would it?

    good luck with you guys' respective distractions--life comes first, of course. x3

    btw, i sent an email, say... more than a week ago, saying i could be an editor if you'd like, but no one replied. you don't have to worry about rejecting me--i'll still hang around to offer support. ^^

  2. Hello color-san~ I check my email everyday and I didn't receive it! it's solemnnote, a double n, you might have added just one n?

    And thank you very much for your support! we really appreciate it ;v;

  3. O-oh wow, I didn't notice the spam folder until now! *fails*

  4. hehe, that's okay. i was wondering if something like that happened, or you got a bunch of spam mail and just decided to delete everything and *poof* there went my email. but! everything's all good now. <3 yey.