Monday, May 28, 2012

Meeting Ends

Hey there everyone! This is AutumnBirdsCircle, some of you may remember me as BluebirdsCircle until my google account was suspended and I had to make a new one. Copyright be darned! So, my deadline was the 29th, and there's a lot been going on lately. Me and my good friend and editor Alex have been working night and day to get the translations done for Bluebird's Illusion. He's been so fantastic!! Give him a hand everyone! 

I have to say, this passed month has been intense. Waking up only to know you're going back to the exact same line of duty sure gets to you every once in a while. Tomorrow is my 17th birthday (the 29th) and there's nothing more I want more than to say thank you! You guys have given me the greatest present of all, the will to keep at it. Every, "YOU CAN DO IT!!" Makes me feel like episode 63.

To be honest, I want to hate this game since it's consumed my entire life, but I find the will to keep going and going. Anyway, I'm happy to announce it looks like we're on scheduled for the most part! 90% of the translations have been finalized and we're back on track! There's the Search I still need to do, but I can get that done in a little while. Also, thank you Archeia for taking my BS every day~~ ;_; My only regret is that I couldn't finish in time... Blue screen of death is my fiend.

So, thank you. From me to you! 


  1. Youve' gotten all this far!!!!! more than anyone else ever did!! You guys should be proud of it!!

    keep going! we are all counting on you!!


    Regards from brazil _o/\o_

  2. I can't wait! Thank you so much for doing this! I've been waiting for this for years, so this really means a lot to me.

  3. You can do it, hun! I'm so amazed at how someone (as dedicated and amazing as you are) took the time to actually translate this game from start to finish. And you're almost done! Just... wow. It's stunning to say the least. And the fact that the posts about the almost completion are so recent means you are actually trying and I can't seem to thank you enough for that hard work and commitment. I've wanted to play this game for years and you may just give me that chance. It makes me smile and I hope you know I'll be rooting for you to finish. ^^ Good luck dear! If I could virtually hug you I'd squeeze the soul right out of you. <333 /SQUISHES/

    1. DAWWWW!! THANKS! *Virtual hugs* School has been such a pain~ I think I'd be finished if it weren't so hard. ;_;

      I'll hunt you to the end of the world, both real and cyper if you dont!

  4. Thank you very much :))
    I'm so happy that you and the others translate it into english!!
    I hope it will be finish soon :)

  5. Holy crap! You guys have done so much! :O I can't wait for you guys to finish this! X3 Good luck to you with this project and hope you still plan to finish it, and good luck to your schooling! :) As far as I've checked the whole English speaking fanbase is counting on you guys! XD